Lucasfilm releases ‘Star Wars’ Camp Toolkit

Summer camps looking to add a little bit of Star Wars-branded flavor to their programming now have a way to do it without infringing on any copyrights.

Lucasfilm has released a new toolkit specifically designed for nonprofit summer camps to use for programming and activities based on the Star Wars franchise.

The Camp Toolkit is available for download at Camps just need to agree to the terms and conditions, which include running a program that is not for profit among other things, to download the 69-page PDF booklet.

The booklet includes games like Bounty Hunter Round-Up, Jedi Stealth and Escape the Death Star; trivia; Arts and Crafts projects like Star Wars Rock Buddies, Build Your Own Lightsaber and more.

“This toolkit was created to bring camps an opportunity to converge universes in the name of fun, with a bit of learning mixed in too,” the toolkit introduction states. “The four core values of the YMCA – caring, respect, honesty and responsibility – sound like modern day Jedi teachings and through games, crafts and other tools Lucasfilm hopes to build upon those teachings.”

Jeff Merhige, the executive director of Camp Kern in Ohio, was involved in the project and gets a shout-out for his work on the Star Wars website.

UPDATE: The camp toolkit is no longer available on the Star Wars website


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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  1. Is the still out to down load. We are holding our Cub Scout Day Camp again this year and the theme is Star War. Just looking for something that might help us out with. We came across this Luscasfilm releases ‘Star War.

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