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I’m a little behind on my Mad Men viewing, but after catching what I believe to be the first summer camp reference on the show in season 5, episode 4 – Sally referring to her brother Bobby peeing his pants at sleepaway camp – I was hoping that the popular AMC period show would go one step further and actually show Bobby at the camp.

When I discovered today that, according to more than one reviewer, Episode 7 opens with Sally calling her old friend Glen at summer camp, I had to skip ahead to watch the scenes bookending the episode. What I saw makes me wonder how – despite Sally asking him if he’s going back to the same camp next year – anyone could draw the conclusion that Glen is at summer camp.

As you can see in the screenshot above if you haven’t already watched the episode, Glen is in what appears to be the hallway of a boarding school dormitory. The Hotchkiss School shirt worn by a kid who answers the phone when Sally calls seems only to confirm that, which suggests that the show has moved from the summer to the fall. (If you’re curious what sport Glen and the kid with the Hotchkiss shirt are playing, Slate has the details).

With Mad Men heading toward its final curtain call, it’s unlikely now we’ll ever get to see the matured and not-quite-so-creepy-anymore Glen or Bobby at summer camp. It’s disappointing but at least we still have Moonrise Kingdom to quench our appetites for ’60s era depictions of summer camp to look forward to.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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