‘Masterminds’ makes a reference to Hayley Mills and original ‘The Parent Trap’

Two men with the same name and the same birth date meeting in Mexico because one of them has been hired to kill the other isn’t quite the makings of a Disney movie.

But in the 2016 comedy Masterminds when Mike McKinney (Jason Sudeikis) discovers the man he’s been hired to kill is also named Mike McKinney (Zach Galifianakis), it reminds him of the 1961 movie The Parent Trap.

Sudeikis: “Hey, you ever see The Parent Trap, that Walt Disney film with that that Hayley Mills lady?”

Galifianakis: “That was a powerful flick, I remember that movie”

Sudeikis: “About how them two girls they raised separately but then they meet each other at summer camp and it blows their tiny minds…That’s kind of how I feel right now.”

What Sudeikis’ McKinney doesn’t realize is that Galifianakis is really named David Ghantt and their same name-same birthday coincidence is no coincidence. Ghantt was given McKinney’s identity for his fake ID from the co-conspirators in an armored car robbery he helps orchestrate.

Like in The Parent Trap, the two McKinneys end up switching places so that Ghantt can rescue his love interest Kelly (Kristen Wiig), whom the real McKinney has been hired to kill.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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