Joey reminisces about camp on ‘Melissa & Joey’

Joe Longo (Joey Lawrence) finds an old photo from his Camp Arrowhead days while looking through boxes of documents for his proof of citizenship, an issue that comes to the fore for Melissa (Melissa Joan Hart) when a fellow Toledo politician is forced to resign over the discovery of an undocumented worker on his payroll.

Melissa has to prove that Joe, her nanny – who was born on a military base in Korea – is actually a documented worker but Joe is obviously more thrilled about finding his photo from Camp Arrowhead than he is getting his boss off the hook. The first season episode of the ABC Family show is entitled “Seoul Man.”

Considering Joe Longo is from New Jersey, the Camp Arrowhead in question might be referring to the YMCA camp in Marlboro, but it’s not clear what Camp Arrowhead, fictional or real, is referenced. Joey Lawrence, a Philadelphia native, attended Southampton Summer Day Camp as a kid in Southampton, Pa., according to online bios.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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