Missing family found in woods singing camp songs in ‘Better Call Saul’

One of the early storylines of Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul centers around a government employee named Craig Kettleman accused of embezzling money who Saul (who goes by Jimmy at this point) is trying to land as a client.

After passing once on his attempts, Craig (Jeremy Shamos) and his family end up disappearing in what is initially ruled a kidnapping. But Saul/Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) suspects they might have just staged their own disappearance and goes off looking for them in the woods behind their house. Spoiler alert! He finds them at the end of the “Nacho” episode (Season 1, Episode 3).


Craig, his wife Betsy (Julie Ann Emery) and their two kids are tent camping and having a good time of it too singing popular camp songs. As Saul/James approaches, you can hear them singing “B-I-N-G-O” and they go into the beginning of “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” before Saul/Jimmy makes his presence known.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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