Moonrise Kingdom receives Oscar nod


Even before the movie came out it was obvious that a movie by Wes Anderson that had anything to do with summer camp would be special, but Oscar worthy?

Moonrise Kingdom became the first movie set at summer camp to receive an Oscar nomination since 1961 on Thursday when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences tapped the film for one of the five best original screenplays of the year. The Parent Trap was nominated for best film editing and sound recording in the 34th edition of the Oscars in 1961.

The movie’s competition in the best original screenplay category is Amour, Django Unchained, Flight and Zero Dark Thirty. Some will feel that Moonrise Kingdom was snubbed for not receiving more than one nomination in say best costume design (how many people were wearing Anna Karenina costumes this Halloween?) or the nine-deep best picture category, but what would Oscar talk be without a little gnashing of the teeth? has all of the nominees.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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