‘More than a few pages’ of Wet Hot American Summer sequel written


David Wain, co-writer and director of 2001 summer camp cult classic Wet Hot American Summer, confirmed months ago that he and writing partner Michael Showalter would be bringing the gang together again for a reprise of the film set on the last day of camp at Camp Firewood in 1981.

Now he’s telling Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino that there are “more than a few pages” written for the follow-up, which he has previously said he was considering setting 10 years earlier with actors playing characters that are supposed to be 20 years younger.

“Seriously, we’re doing it,” Wain told Gadino in the “exclusive” interview. “I know everyone wants to know. I’m flattered and thrilled, but the creative process has its own time schedule. And meanwhile Michael [Showalter] and I are in the editing process of the movie we shot over the summer called They Came Together, which will be finishing soon and we’ll be putting it out soon and I’m very excited for people to see that.”

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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