Mr. Belvedere – The Counselor

Wesley goes somewhat begrudgingly to Camp Chippewa Beaver Falls day camp in this episode of the ’80s TV show Mr. Belvedere and despite actually having a good time (mostly by tormenting the director) he ends up being touched inappropriately by his counselor and is faced with the dilemma of whether to keep it a secret or not.

The episode originally aired in May 1988 and featured one of those segments at the end where Wesley and Mr. Belvedere talk directly to the viewers about the issue of child abuse and what to do if an adult behaves inappropriately.

In the episode Wesley is up to his usual clowning around self tormenting the director until one of the male counselors pays special attention to him, sneaking him soda and taking him swimming while the others are going on a nature hike. The counselor urges Wesley to keep the inappropriate touching a secret, along with the soda and everything else, but things come to a head when the parents come to watch the end-of-the-summer play.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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