Muhammad Ali visited summer camps in the ’60s

The late boxer Muhammad Ali visited a couple of summer camps in the ’60s when he was suspended from boxing for refusing to serve in the Vietnam War.

One of those camps was Camp Meenagha in the Adirondacks. A Reddit user named stevesweaves posted a photo of his father and Ali at the camp in the wake of the news of Ali’s death.

A Hartford Courant article published over the weekend mentions a visit Ali paid to a summer camp in Connecticut. Ali pulled up to the camp in a pink Cadillac.

“Out he went then to earn his $500, and he was such a hit with the kids – talking, joking, reciting poetry of his own creation, shadow boxing, jumping rope and demonstrating his skill and charm – that I’m sure not one of them has ever forgotten it,” long-time sports columnist Owen Canfield writes. “Nor have I.”


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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