Music Monday – David Roth

Camp Granola

Camp Granola” appears on David’s 1996 album Another Side of David Roth. David wrote it as a theme song when he worked at the Omega Institute in the ’90s.

“I sang it at every orientation,” David explained in an e-mail.

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CAMP GRANOLA © 1990 David Roth ~
*to the tune of “Dance of the Hours” by Ponchielli
(another parody: “Camp Granada” by Allan Sherman)

Hello Marvin, Hello Lola
Here I am at Camp Granola
Camp is quite invigorating
Everybody walks around here meditating

Up at daybreak doing yoga
In an all-white cotton toga
And the food here, you should try it
Only problem is I can’t identify it

Take me home
All day they’re chanting “Om, Om, Om…”
I’m really not quite ready yet
I miss my morning paper and my TV set

And tofu
They serve it every meal, they do
The very thought, it give me chills
I always thought you used that stuff to wipe up spills

I signed up for several classes
But forgot to bring my glasses
Did you ever think you’d see me
Dress my salad with a substance called “tahini”

And the gift shop is quite pleasant
So I sent you both a present
But I was worried in case it breaks
So I packed the box with something they call rice cakes

Save me please
They’re making me drink herbal teas
I’m outside with the birds and bees
I need to hear some noise instead of all these joys

No phone calls
No rat race and no shopping malls
I think I need to hit the showers, I need to wash my aura
I’ve been here 12 whole hours

Just today I met nine channels
Who are on my teaching panels
Though I’m sure they’re very able
There’s so many that I’m signing up for cable

Wait a minute I’m thinking twice here
You know it’s really kind of nice here
I think I feel a little stronger

Marv and Lola, hey

I’ll stay a little longer

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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