My Mother, The Car

My Mother, the Car was a goofy sitcom that lasted one season in 1965-66 on NBC and often appears on Top 10 Worst TV Shows of All Time lists. It’s not hard to figure out why so many critics continue to poke fun at the show all these years later when you consider that one of the main characters of the show is a woman who gets reincarnated as a dilapidated 1928 Porter. Still, as bizarre a concept as it was, the show last an entire year and ran a total of 30 episodes.

Summer camp factored into episode 21 “You Can’t Get There From Here,” which made its network debut 45 years ago today. In the show, the Crabtrees go to drop the kids off at Camp Tokopee but run into trouble on the way when they stop for gas in Plentyville and forced to camp out at the 1945-era gas station because the attendant/town sheriff notices that David Crabtree has an expired driver’s license (Mrs. Crabtree’s attempt to drive the stick-shift Porter fails). We never do see Camp Topokee, but the kids do make it to camp after all when a counselor comes to retrieve them on a motorcycle.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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