Mysterious Ways – Camp Sanopi

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After a whitewater rafting accident, Declan Dunn awakes in a summer camp deep in the woods where things seem a bit off in this episode of Mysterious Ways, which aired in August 2000.

Dunn, the show’s main character, is a professor of anthropology at the University of Oregon who conducts routine searches for explanations and evidence for miraculous phenomenon on the short-lived PAX TV series that aired for two seasons from 2000 to 2002 in Canada and the U.S. and still airs in some places in syndication.

Once at Camp Sanopi, a skeptical Dunn (Adrian Pasdar) notices that no one seems interested in leaving the utopian family camp or assisting him to get back to his friends who are looking for him. Despite his still nursing a pretty severe leg injury, a determined Dunn hobbles out of camp only to find all trails lead back to Camp Sanopi.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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