Neighborhood kids sell chocolate for summer camp on ‘Silicon Valley’

Neighborhood kids try to hit up the Pied Piper gang to buy chocolate they are selling for church camp in one of the more memorable sub-plots of season 1 of HBO comedy Silicon Valley.

“Would you guys be interested in buying some candy so you can send my church group to camp,”  a character credited as Adderall Boy (Griffin Gluck) asks outside the Pied Piper house in the “Third Party Insourcing” episode (Season 1, Episode 6).

The kids seem innocent enough, but Erlich (T.J. Miller) doesn’t buy the act.

“Hundred bucks says there’s no church,” Erlich says. “Whole thing’s a scam, little scumbags.”

No one gives the kids money, but Richard later gets scammed by Adderall Boy when he tries to buy Adderall from him to keep the kid (nickname The Carver) they’ve hired to fix their code on task.

When The Carver tells Richard it isn’t Adderall, Richard goes back to get his money back and gets pushed around and called names. That’s when Erlich steps in, returning to literally slap Adderall Boy silly.

Erlich was right, after all. There was no church and no summer camp fundraiser.


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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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