New intern on Parks and Recreation a summer camp counselor

April started out as an intern in the Pawnee Parks and Recreation and has since climbed the ladder to staffer in the National Park Office in Pawnee, which makes her uncomfortably regretting her decision to take the internship in the first place.

In the “Gryzzlbox” episode of Parks and Recreation she goes so far as convincing an intern to quit and ridicules another for his enthusiasm.

The intern she gets to quit is a spitting image of April from 10 years ago. The latter is named Mike Harlmpton (James Bellinger) and his eagerness disgusts April (Aubrey Plaza).

When she asks the three interns to share why they are interning, Mike (who she addresses as Mork) says:

“I love parks more than anything and I’ve been a summer camp counselor since I was thirteen!”

April’s response is one you’d expect from her: “Eww gross!”


Considering April’s track record of responses to Leslie’s eagerness and her general evilness toward Ann Perkins, Mike is in good company. In fact, if it was 2037 instead of 2017, he could pass for one of Leslie and Ben’s triplets. His enthusiasm for parks rivals only that of Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler).

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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