New movie posters for The Burning and Sleepaway Camp

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you’ve probably noticed I’m not the biggest fan of the slasher/horror genre. It may seem crazy for a blogger who chronicles summer camp’s appearances in pop culture, but I’ve never even seen Friday the 13th. I did, a few months ago, attempt to watch The Burning, and I was reminded why I don’t like slasher movies. Or at least, why I like slasher movies up until the point where the slashing fills the screen with blood. Perhaps, these movies are better suited for people who don’t actually spend time in real summer camps.

That said, Mondo Tees is releasing a couple of new posters for two of the classic cult summer camp horror movies tomorrow – The Burning and Sleepaway Camp. The posters are $45 each if having a poster of a scary guy with bloody hedge clippers or one with the faces of terrified campers meeting their doom on your wall suits your fancy.

via Shock Till You Drop

If you’ve seen both movies, which did you like better, The Burning or Sleepaway Camp?

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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