New Pennsylvania governor was tricked into going to summer camp

Tom Wolf made history on Tuesday in Pennsylvania when he knocked off an incumbent governor in an election for the first time in the modern history of the Commonwealth, but a 12-year-old Wolf wasn’t so lucky when it came to his summer plans.

The Central Pennsylvania native was tricked into going away to summer camp by his parents, according to a pre-election Philly Magazine profile:

After telling him he was going to baseball camp, his parents pulled a bait-and-switch and packed him off to a rigorous Quaker-affiliated summer camp instead. By day, Wolf learned to swim. By night, he sat under the Pennsylvania stars, discussing big ideas with distinguished camp visitors like civil rights pioneer Ralph Bunche and historical novelist James Michener. ‘That camp,’ he says, ‘is where I learned that I actually had a brain.’

Wolf must have enjoyed the now defunct camp known as Camp Pocono in Lakeville because he returned for another year or two as a camper and spent a couple more summers as a counselor in training and a counselor, according to this article.

Below is a postcard from the camp.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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