New video game takes you back to Camp Forest Green

Gun Media has announced the release of a third-person survival game called Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Set at Camp Forest Green, the rebuilt version of Camp Crystal Lake in the Friday the 13th franchise, the game is a collaboration with horror icon Tom Savini, who in addition to working on two of the Friday the 13th films, was involved with the summer camp horror movie The Burning.

In a press release, Wes Keltner, founder and creative director of Gun Media said:

This is my love letter to the classic films of the slasher/splatter era. I want that experience of being helpless, running for my life against an unstoppable killer. But I knew I needed help to do it right. Who else could I turn to for a campy, 80s slasher than the Sultan of Splatter, Tom Savini? His FX defined the splatter/slasher genre.

The previous attempt in 1989 to create a Friday the 13th video game didn’t go so well. The game has been ranked the sixth worst video game ever made.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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