News and Notes – June 10, 2012

Abandoned Summer Camp in Italy via Flickr

• In what could be considered a sequel of sorts to the article last year about kids taking private jets to summer camp, the New York Times blew up the interweb this week with the article “Off to Camp, but First…a Wax?” Gawker and many others weighed in.

• CTV defends summer camp cell phone bands with the article “Why summer camp cell phone bans make sense.”

•CNN calls an island prison in southern Norway “summer camp-like.” At the prison, prisoners have keys to their rooms and there are no guards or fences.

• Writer David Himmel has a new book out entitled A Camp Story: The History of Lake of the Woods & Greenwoods Camps.

• Singer-songwriter Dar Williams visited summer camps in New England last summer where she gave a concert and helped campers plant bee-friendly gardens. She recently announced she’ll be doing it again this summer in Michigan. For more, check out

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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