News and Notes – Week of June 9, 2013


• Rookie had a wonderful article attempting to explain summer camp. “When camp people talk about camp, we can sound like cult members,” Tyler, the author of the article (above illustration by Monica), wrote. “To tell you the truth, we kind of are. We’re crazily devoted to this community that asks us to leave our family, friends, and cell phones behind to hang out in the woods and learn secret chants and rituals and do trust exercises and become One of Them (Us). And all we want is more—eight weeks each summer is never, ever enough. And, just like a cult, it only looks weird from the outside. Once you’re a true camper, it’s the rest of the year that feels wrong.”

 European audiences will be treated to a summer camp movie that should be the top of all those lists you see floating around the internets this time of year. HBO Europe has licensed the wonderful Canadian indie Summerhood, which features narration by John Cusack and tells the story of four friends at a camp who don’t really like each other all that much.

USA Network unveiled the 16 contestants on their Summer Camp reality show competition. You can check out all the deets at The show debuts July 11, at 8 p.m. eastern time.

• Barbara Greenberg wrote about why no social media at sleepaway camp is cause for celebration for Huffington Post.

• Buzzfeed had a listacle of “27 Foods That Identify as S’mores.”

• After seeing a couple signs outside churches and stumbling across a website advertising VBS disguised as “summer camp,” I wrote a little rant about it and sent it to Lantern Camps for my first guest post. Look for more guest posts in the future as we form a partnership with this great new pro-residential camp organization.

• Flavorwire gathered some photos of celebrities from when they were at camp. SummerCampCulture was the source for a couple of them.

Tim Hortons raised a record $11.8 million for their annual Camp Day last week. That translates to about 16,000 disadvantaged kids getting to go to camp. Awesome!

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