News & Notes – July 22, 2012

• Nickelodeon movie Fred 3: Camp Fred will be debuting on the cable network on Saturday, July 28, at 8 p.m. Here is a clip with Fred (Lucas Cruikshank) and his dad (John Cena) from the movie. In other Camp Fred news, Nickelodeon has some Camp Fred-inspired summer camp games you can play on their site.

• Added Sufjan Stevens and Carly Simon to the famous alumni list. Email us if you know the names of the camp they attended.

• James Holmes, the alleged shooter in the movie theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado is a former summer camp counselor.

• The Daily Caller went all Joseph McCarthy era this week running a story about a White House administration appointment nominee’s connection to a Jewish summer camp that spawned ridicule and criticism from the liberal leaning and some head scratching from others (I thought the article was a joke at first).

• A Missouri Eagle Scout was recently given the heave-ho as a summer camp counselor because he was gay, according to news reports.

• Business Week wrote about “The Ivy League of Adolescent Summer Camps.”

• Ok Go, a band known for their creative videos that have gotten millions of hits on YouTube is hosting an online summer camp.

The New York Times gave Gaga some much-deserved ink.

What did I miss this week?

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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