News & Notes – June 17, 2012

• “Early on I noticed an obvious need for late night sweets. My bunkmates and I would purchase Peanut Chews, frozen Rolos and Snickers at our camp’s canteen, but when we returned to our bunk, our collective sweet tooth was still wanting. I purchased a few snacks at the next canteen visit and instead of eating them there and then, I smuggled them into the bunk, locking the chocolate bars in my trunk, out of reach of the counselors. I did the same the following week.” -From the Jewcy article by Jeffrey Yoskowicz entitled, “Discovering My Entrepreneurial Instinct at Sleepaway Camp”

• This is so not summer camp.

• Tim Hortons Camp Day on June 6 raised a record $11 million, which will help “send more than 15,000 deserving kids from economically disadvantaged homes on a once-in a-lifetime camping adventure.”

Velvet Roper talked to a bunch of people I had to Google about their summer camp memories.

• The site hit 50,000 pageviews this week, which is a fun milestone to reach in less than two years for a little hobby blog.

• “Last summer, as the employees of Chicago-based startup Belly were preparing to launch their first iPhone application, they needed their main developer to fix a technical problem. There was just one hitch: Jonah Grant, the brains behind the iPhone app, was at sleepaway summer camp in Wisconsin.” From a Chicago Tribune article about 16-year-old Jonah Grant. The summer camp is not named in the article.

• There is now a Summer Camp Culture Tumblr, if you’re into that sort of thing (I still completely heart WordPress).

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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