Nicole gets hurt at Camp Anaconda in ‘My Two Dads’

Nicole (Staci Keanen) goes to Camp Anaconda, the camp her two dads went to as kids in the “Nicole’s Big Adventure” episode of My Two Dads from the first season of the ’80s sitcom.

Michael (Paul Reiser) is nervous about Nicole going away when she comes home with a permission slip from school. After reading about the camp on the permission slip both parents have to sign, Michael asks if she’s going to “Camp Friday the 13th” but is even less comforted when he finds out it’s the camp he and Joey (Greg Evigan) both went to in seventh grade.

“Camp Anaconda? Why don’t we just dip her in barbecue sauce and ring the coyote dinner bell,” Michael says.

Joey talks Michael into signing the form and both tear up, not wanting to let go of a hug when she leaves to catch the bus.


Their worst fears are realized when their poker game is interrupted by a phone call from camp to inform them that Nicole has had an accident. They rush off to the camp, which is an hour and a half outside New York City, and once there it doesn’t take long till they lock horns with the camp director Mrs. Baumgardner. After giving her the fake name Ranger Bob, Mrs. Baumgardner remembers who both of them are.

“Well, well well if it isn’t Mr. Taylor and Mr. Harris,” she says to them. “It’s just as I suspected; your parents never did pick you up.”

Mrs. Baumgardner explains that Nicole broke her foot and goes inside the cabin to get her so they can take her home. The scene at camp is short and with the exception of the Camp Director sign, looks like the porch of a house.

When Nicole wakes up in the loft, they find out that she broke her foot falling out of the emergency door of the bus, trying to show off for Roger Cotterman. “Falling off the bus was kind of stupid,” she says, “but asking Roger Cotterman to carry me to the first aid station wasn’t. He event talked to me. He said, ‘bummer about your foot Nicole.'”

Against her dads’ wishes, Nicole asks to go back to camp, where she’s hoping she can get everyone at the campfire to sign her cast. Michael agrees to let her go back and the next scene is her returning to the loft on her crutches talking about how much fun she had at camp and showing off a message Mrs. Baumgardner left on her cast – “She’s a good kid, boys, don’t screw up.”

Matt Ralph

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