Off-Broadway Summer Camp Show Billy Witch Opens Feb. 1

A play with one of the longest fictional summer camp names of all time will be opening a one-week off-Broadway run Feb. 1. The show, entitled Billy Witch, was written by Gregory S. Moss, and follows its main character Oliver to Blue Triangle Nature Fun Time Summer Camp where he “discovers just how monstrous the mutations of adolescence can be.”

The show runs through Feb. 5 at INTAR Theatre.

Moss had this to say about his summer camp experiences growing up in an interview on his website:

I loved summer camp as a kid. I loved being in the woods and swimming in the lake, and meeting kids that in reality lived probably fifteen minutes from my house but seemed to come from a whole other world. I hated it at first, and was terribly homesick – it felt like being abandoned or something. But it was so exciting – a single session at summer camp was more densely packed with things happening than a whole year of school. And there was a kind of lore, a secret knowledge that kids handed down, in these hushed reverent tones – most of it was bogus, but still it really appealed to me, that there were secrets to be in on.

Click HERE for more information on the show.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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