Olympic half-pipe skier David Wise met wife at camp

U.S. freestyle skier David Wise, who is preparing to compete for the first ever Olympic gold medal in his sport of half-pipe skiing in Sochi, Russia, first met his wife at summer camp.

The 23-year-old from Reno, Nevada, met his wife Alexandra when he was in high school at a Christian leadership camp at Hume Lake in California (source).

According to a New York Times November 2013 profile of the three-time Winter X Games gold medalist:

“They met during one flirtatious summer at church camp. Romance was interrupted for nearly three years by distance and life, including Wise’s burgeoning ski career. They reconnected at church, a chance remeeting, then through a deep Facebook chat.

They were engaged within a year, on Alexandra’s 19th birthday, in February 2011. Wise took her to nearby Lake Tahoe for snowshoeing under a full moon and presented to her a poem he had written in glow-in-the-dark ink. He dropped to one knee and proposed. “Of course,” she said.”

Wise will seek his first Olympic gold in the Ski Halfpipe event on February 18.

UPDATE: As expected, David Wise won the first-ever gold medal in half-pipe skiing on Feb. 18 despite falling in his last run.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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