Oreo S’mores Hitting Store Shelves on May 22

The rumors about a s’mores-inspired Oreo cookie are true. The limited edition flavor of the classic cookie are reportedly hitting shelves on May 22.

According to a reviewer writing about the new cookies on Time.com, the cookies taste kind of like the real thing:

Like most of Oreo’s limited-edition flavors, they’re mostly just really, really sweet. But there’s a bit of nuance here: they actually do kind of taste like s’mores. The creme filling offers a good balance of chocolate and marshmallow. The cookie’s flavor is a bit more vague — it’s kind of like a normal vanilla cookie with just a hint of graham cracker, sort of like a Teddy Graham. So we do wish it tasted a bit more like an actual graham cracker, but it’s still tasty.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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