Original ‘The Parent Trap’ star talks about Lindsay Lohan in interview

The star of the original The Parent Trap movie is doing publicity in Australia for a new play she is starring in with her sister called Legends and naturally the topic of Lindsay Lohan came up.

Lohan and Hayley Mills’ careers took different turns after starring as long lost twins who meet at summer camp. Mills is a respectable actress in her late ’60s and Lohan is a tabloid regular in and out of rehab and in trouble with the law.

“I had very wise and experienced parents who were part of the business and Lindsay’s fame must have hit her family like a sledge hammer,” Mills told the Australian Associated Press. “It was not something I was unfamiliar with, so I absolutely have empathy for her.”

Mills was 15 when she became a huge star playing both Susan Evers and Sharon McKendrick in the 1961 Disney movie. Lohan was 12 when her portrayal of Annie James and Hallie Parker made her a recognizable face in the 1998 remake.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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