Photo taken during a camp run by the Young Womens Hebrew Association in New York City. Undated. Found on the Jewish Women's Archive.

Nancy and Sluggo #192, 1963. Found at

Part 2 In this episode, which originally aired in April of 1988, Punky goes to Camp Kookalookie, where all sorts of zany '80s hilarity ensues. If you're keeping track of the fictitious camp names at home, this episode also references nearby boy's camp, Camp Scratchinitchy.

"A lot of parents pack up their troubles and send them off to summer camp." -Raymond Duncan, an American dancer, artist, poet, craftsman and philosopher

On page 21 of a "summer camp" image search. From a June 2009 blog post on

Not sure what to think about this documentary after watching the above clip from YouTube, but I was competitive and testosterone-fueled enough without attending a camp even remotely like this as a kid. The film's website describes it this way: A character driven, personal documentary about winning and losing at...

This improvised summer camp rap originally aired on Whose Line Is It Anyway? on Aug. 12, 1998.

Ben Kimberly, Saturday Evening Post, June 24, 1961 What's cool is that many of these same items are still on the checklist for summer camp. Found HERE.

Announcements! Announcements! Announcements! A terrible death to die, A terrible death to die, A terrible death to talk to death, A terrible death to die.