Parenthood’s Fictional Camp Billboard

For the third episode of the season, NBC’s Parenthood made passing references to summer camp in an episode titled “Together” that aired on Tuesday.

After alluding to an unnamed camp Drew Holt’s (Miles Heizer) girlfriend Amy (Skyler Day) had worked at over the summer in the first two episodes, we get a chance to briefly meet the college guy, Jake (Tanner Novlan) she met at the camp and took an agonizingly long time to break up with Drew for in a two-episode arc that began the season.

The episode also featured another reference that required hawk eyes of observation to notice – a billboard for what I presume is a fictional camp named Camp Horning (it yielded zero results on Google; ditto the Cactus Cuts sign near it) at the Little League field where Julia (Erika Christensen) goes to pick up her son Victor (Xolo Mariduena) in the beginning of the episode. The billboard, as you can see in the photo above, says something about the camp being near a town called Placerville, which is a real town about two hours from Berkeley, where the show is set but annoyingly – and very un-Friday Night Lights of Jason Katims – not filmed.

The billboard also references something about a winter camp and features a fish on a reel as a logo so it might be more of a fishing/hunting camp than a traditional overnight summer camp for kids. But who knows? Maybe it’s the camp where Amy worked at and met her UC Berkeley boyfriend? That would be a cool way to tie random elements of the show together, no?


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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