Paul Simon camp letter in new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame exhibit

A letter Paul Simon sent Art Garfunkel while he was working at a summer camp in New Jersey is one of many artifacts included in a new exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of the legendary musicians’s career at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Paul Simon: Words & Music” opens at the Cleveland museum tomorrow and includes nearly 100 items like his first guitar, a photo of him as a drama student at Queens College in New York, handwritten lyrics for “The Boxer,” a 45 RPM of “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard,” a notepad for lyric development of “Graceland,” Grammy awards and more.

One of Simon’s summer camp letters to his friend and musical collaborator has been displayed previously at the Hall of Fame’s New York City annex. The one included in the exhibit was written in 1957 when Simon was a 16-year-old junior counselor and waiter at Camp Washington Lodge in Bellport, Long Island, and was addressed to Artie Garfunkel at Camp Lake-Vu in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Camp Lake-Vu is now known as LakeView Day Camp and Camp Washington Lodge is no longer in operation.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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