Pete Holmes references summer camp in first episode of ‘Crashing’

Comedian Pete Holmes mentions to a group of kids on the subway that he met his wife at summer camp in the pilot episode of his new HBO comedy Crashing.

Based on a difficult period in his life where he discovers his wife having an affair while trying to make it as a comedian, Holmes portrays himself in the series and during the scene in question talks openly (and somewhat inappropriately) to the kids on the subway about his wife’s affair.

While his marriage didn’t work out, Holmes does owe a debt of gratitude to the summer camp he attended in Maine, as he explains in a 2006 Gothamist interview.

“Improv was the beginning of everything. I got a really early start because I went to a touchy feely, arty Quaker school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I went to a camp in Maine where I started playing Improv games like Freeze, but what I noticed was that that’s exactly what my brain wanted to be doing- making things up. I was thrilled with the idea that no preparation was involved and that everyone knew you were making it up. That’s when I first started getting those live laughs. The attention was great for a thirteen year old that was always disruptive in class. I did Improv the last three years of high school and started a group in college, which still exists to this day.”

Holmes talked about his time at camp on his TBS talk show back in 2013. Sadly the clip of him talking about how he was “camp cool” is no longer available. “Summer Camp, a place where a good attitude and participation make you popular,” he said.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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