Pierre Perret’s French anthem takes a sarcastic look at a terrible summer camp

“Les Jolies Colonies de Vacances” (Pretty Summer Camps) is kind of like the French equivalent of Allan Sherman’s “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah,” in that it’s a popular anthem referencing a summer camp that is anything but ideal.

Like Sherman’s popular tune from three year’s earlier, Pierre Perret’s 1966 song is about a child who writes home about how “wonderful” camp is – the food is terrible, the counselors are drunks and they are forced to swim in a polluted river.

Roughly translated into English, the chorus of “Ah les jolies colonies de vacances / Merci papa, merci maman / Tous les ans je voudrais qu’ça r’commence” is “Ah the lovely summer camps / Thank you Dad, thank you Mom / Every year I would like to come back.”

The song was Perret’s first big hit and for some reason was initially censored on French television.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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