Planters introduces s’mores mix

Planters has entered the s’mores-flavored product craze this summer with a s’mores mix.

The sweet and salty blend features a mix of of peanuts, cocoa almonds, chocolate pieces, yogurt covered grahams and marshmallows and comes in a 6.5 oz. re-sealable bag or 16 oz. can.

I was lucky enough to get a free sample sent to me (thanks, Planters!) and the 6.5 ounce bag didn’t last long. Let’s just say, one handful quickly turned into a dozen. Like Emerald’s s’mores mix before it (with a slight edge to Planters), it’s a welcome addition to the snack cabinet.

Since it’s a Planters product, there’s also the added bonus of packaging that features Mr. Peanut making s’mores.

If you can’t find the limited edition mix in your local grocery store, there are some available for sale on Amazon.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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