Plot for Telemundo’s ‘Fat Camp’ sounds familiar

Telemundo and Fluency Productions are producing a feature film with a plot that brings to mind ’90s comedy Heavy Weights.

In the film, slated to release in 2017, a fitness enthusiast named Hutch “stops running from his chubby childhood and teams up with a group of young misfits at a neighboring fat camp.”

In Heavy Weights the fitness enthusiast was Tony Perkis and the young misfits at fat camp were the ones trying to overthrow him after he takes over their weight loss camp. Fat Camp appears to be flipping the script a little, but a movie with a fitness instructor and campers at a weight loss camp will have a hard time shaking the comparison.

Chris Redd, who has been on Empire and is in the upcoming movie Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping, stars as Hutch. The film also stars Anabelle Acosta and Michael Cienfuegos. It was written by Chuck Hayward and directed by Jennifer Arnold.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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