Popular ’90s band Helmet hosting summer camp in Catskills

The alternative metal band Helmet, which rose to popularity during the grunge heyday of the early ’90s, is hosting an all ages summer camp in August at the Full Moon Resort in the Catskills.

Vocalist and lead guitarist Page Hamilton announced the camp in a letter to fans.


I’ve really enjoyed conducting music/guitar master classes around the world from Tokyo to Brisbane, Los Angeles to Anchorage, Cleveland to Canberra but this camp will provide a unique opportunity for you to play with Helmet and get into how we write and arrange our songs.

We’ll have large seminars as well as small group classes for guitarists, singers, bass players & drummers to explore the Helmet chord vocabulary, learn about how we approach rhythm & grooves and develop musical ideas, i.e. writing and arranging your own music.

We’ll get into Helmet music theory 101 as I share my approach to playing solos & creating soundscapes for songs as well as the many movies I’ve played on.

The camp is one of several Music Masters Camps being offered at the Big Indian resort. Steve Earle hosts a camp called Camp Copperhead and Richard Thompson a camp called Frets & Refrains. There’s also a camp called Metal Heroes Summer Camp and another called Roots Rock Revival: The Allman Bros. and Beyond.

Rates for the Helmet Band Camp range from $750 for tent camping to $1,695 for a single occupancy room with private bath.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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