Potty mouth denied 10-year-old Michelle Obama best camper award

First Lady Michelle Obama missed out on a best camper award when she was 10 because she swore too much, according to a biography coming out April 7.

People Magazine shared that anecdote in a preview of the forthcoming biography Michelle Obama: A Life by Peter Slevin:

“At a city-run camp [on the shores of Lake Michigan], 10-year-old Michelle missed out on the best camper award because of her salty tongue. ‘I was going through my cursing stage,’ she said. ‘I didn’t realize until my camp counselor at the end came up and said, “You know, you would have been best camper in your age group, but you curse so much.” ‘ The news floored her. ‘And I thought I was being cool.’ “

Michelle cleaned up her act and later returned to camp as a camp counselor in the summer of 1984 at the Fresh Air Fund Camp ABC (Anita Bliss Color) in New York.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

I'm the editor of Summer Camp Culture and also blog at Tangzine.com and MatthewRalph.com. I live in the Philadelphia area and went to camps and camp meetings growing up in Ohio, Maryland and New Jersey.

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