President Trump has fond memories of his time at summer camp

President Donald Trump spent several of his summers as a youth attending summer camp in upstate New York.

He told news radio station WNBF in a 2014 interview when he was considering a run for governor in New York that he went “four or five years” to Camp Hilltop, a private/independent co-educational camp near Binghamton for campers ages six to 16.

“Really great memories,” Trump said in the phone interview. “Yeah, I had a good time. I was there probably four or five years. My family the kids went to Camp Hilltop. We liked it. We went there for a two month period where we actually stayed there it wasn’t just a back and forth. I learned how to play baseball and all of the things so I have very fond memories of it.”

Trump’s connection to the Binghamton area has led one local man to push for a street in the city to be named after him.

The 45th president of the U.S. isn’t the first to enter office with summer camp experience. President George W. Bush attended Camp Longhorn in Texas, President Jimmy Carter FFA summer camp in Georgia, President Bill Clinton music camp in Arkansas

Image of Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore, used by permission via Creative Commons

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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