Production of new ‘Friday the 13th’ film canceled

A return to Camp Crystal Lake on the big screen won’t be happening this October, after all.

News broke yesterday that the production of the new Friday the 13th film, which was just beginning to ramp up production in Georgia, has been canceled.

From the Friday the 13th The Franchise website, which is always a go-to source on all things Friday the 13th related:

Sadly, the rumors of production being halted on the much anticipated return of Jason Voorhees to the big screen are true as The Hollywood Reporter learned and confirmed that Platinum Dunes and director Breck Eisner were informed early yesterday that Friday The 13th would not be going forward. This is a heavy blow for the fans that have been more than patiently waiting or a follow-up to the 2009 hit reboot that was written by Mark Swift and Damion Shannon. This new development is particularly crushing to me personally as being a devoted fan and someone who has chronicled the many delays of creating a new film, I am quite frankly besides myself.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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