Camp Quotations: Soleil Moon Frye

“The boys and girls weren’t separated at my camp (no wonder I loved it so much). There was this boy named Danny Wells who both Tori and I had huge crushes on. I swear, at age fourteen he had six-pack abs. So Tori and I spent one whole summer obsessing over him. Then the next summer, Danny and I got together. It was the full-on summer camp romance–sneaking away fro the counselors and talking all night. I remember the song of that summer was the Bangles’ ‘Eternal Flame,’ and that song still comes to mind when I think of Danny. Tori was beyond upset with me for hooking up with him, and it got so bad that she actually moved her bunk away from mine. “

-From Soleil Moon Frye’s memoir Happy Chaos

Soleil Moon Frye went to fictional summer camp as Punky Brewster in the “Punky Goes to Camp” episode of the ’80s sitcom and also played the part of camp counselor in the 1995 remake of Piranha.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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