Review: Bunk’d ‘Camp Rules’

When Emma’s hair dryer shorts out and starts a small fire in the Woodchuck cabin, Gladys decides that Camp Kikiwaka needs to start enforcing the rules more in the “Camp Rules” episode of Bunk’d (Season 1, Episode 3).

To do so, Gladys posts the original camp rules established by founder Jedediah Swearengen and tells CITs they have to issue a citation each time a camper breaks a rule and issue a punishment for three citations. “Remember, rules are the only thing that hold this place together,” Gladys (Mary Scheer) tells the camp. “That and what state inspectors called a dangerous amount of duct tape,” Lou adds.

The power immediately goes to Rule Book Ravi’s head as he shows up in the next scene back at the Grizzly cabin looking like a meter maid in his security uniform, citation pad in hand and goes right to work literally throwing the citation book at Xander (Kevin G. Quinn) and writing a citation to Jorge (Nathan Arenas) for not making his bed.

Jorge isn’t the only one who has a run-in with Ravi Ross Citation Boss. As the citations pile up, Jorge and the other rule breakers have to work off their punishment by serving food in the mess hall and campers make Ravi (Karan Brar) a badge that looks like a target in arts and crafts. When Ravi puts the badge on, he immediately gets pelted with food.

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Emma (Peyton List) and Zuri (Skai Jackson) have a run-in of their own as Emma uses her citation power to order her little sister around. “You know another way to say counselor in training is not a counselor,” Zuri tells Emma, ignoring her request to take down some photos she taped up on the mirror in the cabin. “CIT ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.”

When Emma tears her pictures down, Zuri announces that it’s “on like Blake Shelton!” and starts throwing her clothes around the cabin. Eventually Lou (Miranda May) intervenes and sends them out on a canoe in the lake for what she refers to as her “patented conflict resolution technique” canoe therapy.

Canoe therapy doesn’t work too well and as nightfall hits, Zuri and Emma, who don’t have paddles, discover that their rope line is no longer attached to the dock. Lou realizes this when she goes to pull them back in and enlists Xander to help her rescue them in a boat kept together by duct tape. You can guess what happens next to the rescue mission.

You can also probably guess what happens when Ravi discovers that Jorge has stolen the rules in hopes that the old Ravi would come back, not the power-tripping citation writing one. Ravi steps up and makes things right, just as Emma and Zuri do when they are forced to work together to rescue their rescuers.

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-Ravi’s nicknames at school include Joan of Narc, Narc Wahlberg, Tattle Royale and the Wicked Snitch of the Upper West Side. He was voted “Guy We Didn’t Know Went To Our School” in eighth grade.

-Ravi gives citations to several campers for running with safety scissors.

-A reference is made to Jorge drinking a Mac and Cheese Smoothie through a licorice straw. “I was carbo-loading,” he explains.

-Zuri has a collection of corks that look like country stars that Emma dumps out in the cabin. “If you broke Corky Chesney you’re going to be sorry you ever met me,” Zuri tells Emma.


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