Review: Camp Camp ‘Escape From Camp Campbell’ (Season 1, Episode 1)

New campers Neil and Nicky arrive at Camp Campbell and discover that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be in the first episode of the animated series Camp Camp.

Neil and Nicky get introduced to the camp by the naive happy-go-lucky director Dave, who seems oblivious to the fact that he works for a guy – Cameron Campbell – who is on the run from the law and is essentially running a scam. Dave enthusiastically takes the campers on a new tour, along with a disgruntled camper named Max, who is desperately trying to escape camp. He also plans to show the kids an orientation video on LaserDisc when the camp founder unexpectedly arrives.

It doesn’t take Neil too long to figure out that Camp Campbell isn’t the Science Camp he thought he was going to or the Adventure Camp Nicky thought she signed up for.

Looking back at the brochure for the camp, Neil realizes he’s been had.

“I just wanted Science Camp, not Science Camp and more,” Neil says. “I don’t want more.”

“That’s why you read the fine print, sport,” Mr. Campbell says. “See, right there, ‘and more.’ Now you can’t sue us.”

Neil isn’t happy with Mr. Campbell’s answer and tells him so.

Mr. Campbell responds with a speech.

“When I opened Camp Campbell all those years ago, I had one goal and one goal only: create the most popular and successful summer camp in the world. But times have changed. Things like the internet, video games and the Affordable Care Act are ruining this great country of ours and the children of today just aren’t interested in a traditional summer camp. But America isn’t a traditional country so why settle for anything less?”

The speech brings Dave to tears but only inspires Neil to join Max’s efforts to steal the bus and escape camp. Earlier in the episode, Max runs Dave over trying to escape so you can probably guess how their escape plan ends up.

While the episode includes some NSFW language and the show has been compared to South Park, the first episode also shows that it’s more than just a show about swearing kids attending a really terrible summer camp. Though just under 12 minutes long, the first episode does a good job of introducing the characters and the setting. I look forward to seeing where this adventure to Camp Campbell takes us.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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