Review: Camp Camp ‘Mascot’ (Season 1, Episode 2)

Max’s Rube Goldberg machine was supposed to kill counselor David but the giant rock at the end of it ends up missing David and instead sends the Camp Campbell mascot Larry the Hamster flying through the air and all the way to the island on the lake.

With Larry presumed dead, David splits the campers up into teams and assigns them the task of finding a new mascot for the camp. Neil, still bitter about being at camp, is the first to object to the exercise. The always upbeat David is confused by Neil’s resistance to the exercise. “What’s wrong?” he tells David. “I wanted to spend my summer in an air-conditioned laboratory; I’m walking around a future Wal-Mart parking lot?”

Max ends up with the quartermaster in a part of camp that looks like “the place teenagers go to get stabbed.” Convinced the quartermaster is going to skin him alive, the quartermaster ends up killing a squirrel king and stealing his throne instead. Meanwhile, Neil and Nikky wake a crazed platypus in a cave who chases them to the shore and then promptly eats Larry the Hamster immediately after he arrives on the beach out of breath.

Platypus it is.


Episode Notes

  • When magic kid gets the rabbit he pulls out of his hat to disappear and David asks him to bring it back, he says “I don’t know how; that’s kind of why I’m here.”
  • When David asks to bring back the rabbit the magic kid gets to disappear, he tells him “I don’t know how; that’s kind of why I’m here.”
Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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