Review: Camp Camp ‘Scout’s Dishonor’ (Season 1, Episode 3)

Max, Neil and Nikki get mixed up with a guy who insists on being called Snake and the mysterious Woodscouts on the other side of Camp Lilac in the “Scout’s Dishonor” episode of Camp Camp (Season 1, Episode 3).

Snake is supposed to be helping the gang escape but ends up throwing Nikki and Neil overboard and kidnapping Max. Neil and Nikki wake up in a place “where happiness goes to die,” aka the Flower Scout Camp. It turns out Nikki used to be a Flower Scout but bailed because, according to her, they were boring.

The Flower Scouts are pretty much what they sound like. They where a lot of pink and talk like Valley girls.

campcampflowerscoutsMeanwhile, over at Camp Woodscouts Max learns that he is being “forcibly recruited” to join the organization because of low enrollment in the militant scout group.

“Have you considered enrollment is low because you do things like kidnap other campers?” Max asks of the pimple-faced leader.

The contrast between Flower Scout Camp and Camp Woodscouts couldn’t be more stark. Neil, pretending to be Nancy (or Neeancy as the girls pronounce it), gets to embroider while Max is subjected to intense military-style training. While Neil makes himself at home and likes the creature comforts not available at Camp Campbell (the badge they give him is a WiFi hotspot), Nikki is an outcast with the Flower Scouts for her tomboyish behavior.

When the girls all make fun of Nikki, Neil eventually has enough of it and sticks up for his sister. Max meanwhile has an epiphany over at Camp Woodscouts. Maybe it isn’t just Camp Campbell that he hates, but everything.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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