Review: Camp Cutthroat ‘Rock Wall Me, Amadeus’

Three more previous Cutthroat Kitchen winners went to Camp Cutthroat in the third episode of the series within a series last week and yet again not much happened beyond the dishes made to make the camp or its host/camp director Alton Brown seem all that appealing.

As in previous episodes, the reality show-style trash talk was cringe-worthy as the contestants who are clearly on the show for their cooking and not their acting have to overcome a host of obstacles to cook/prepare their dishes.

The obstacles in “Rock Wall Me, Amadeus” are fun – one chef has to go back and forth through an inflatable obstacle course to prepare the barbecue chicken dish and another has to prepare a sack lunch on a rock wall – but it’s obvious that the producers are hitting the bottom of their meal ideas when one of them is preparing a sack lunch (I’m guessing they’re saving s’mores for last).

Fortunately, there is only one more episode to go before the finale pitting the winners from the four episodes in a winner takes home $75,000 cash battle because this show, as you might be able to tell from this half-hearted review, is wearing very thin.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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