Review: Salute Your Shorts ‘Zeke the Plumber’

Salute Your Shorts goes Are You Afraid of the Dark? in its second episode with the introduction of Zeke the Plumber, a dead plumber who haunts camper dreams.

Budnick tells the story of Zeke, a plumber without a nose who died in an explosion on the camp and returns every summer to haunt camper dreams. After hearing the story, Michael and Telly both have frightening Zeke haunted dreams. When Budnick ridicules them for it, they challenge Budnick to spend the night in the spot where Zeke supposedly died.

This, of course, gives them the perfect opportunity to get even by scaring Budnick. Even Donkey Lips and Ug get in on the act. But pranking the pranker is never easy as Budnick is ready with his own traps to scare the others. Budnick didn’t count on Ug being involved though so after gloating and calling the others losers he runs into Ug dressed as Zeke the Plumber.

Ug has him going until he says that he can smell his fear and Budnick leads him into another trap, one that strings the fake Zeke up a tree. “I knew you weren’t a real ghost when you said you could smell my fear because the real Zeke the Plumber didn’t have a nose,” Budnick says, before removing the mask.

Running off in the woods, Budnick starts to gloat about how he can’t be scared when he runs into the one thing that he is deathly afraid of: spiders. When he yells for help, the others end up getting the last laugh and Budnick realizes that he has no friends to come help him.

Episode Notes

  • Budnick calls Ug a jaboni. The phrase was also apparently a favorite of Miles in the TV show Lost. The term is a close cousin to the word jabroni, which is a common phrase in pro wrestling used to describe a throwaway character.
  • Dr. Kahn: “Due to a slight mixup at the dairy this morning, please disregard all milk cartoons labeled expiration date 1983.”
  • Donkey Lips quote: “Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a pizza in my mouth.”
Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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