Robin Williams lasted only nine hours at scout camp in ‘Old Dogs’

A character the late actor Robin Williams played in the 2009 movie Old Dogs lasted only nine hours at a scout camp. In the movie, co-starring John Travolta, Williams plays a guy named Dan who discovers through strange circumstances that he is the father of twin seven-year-olds.

When he gets the opportunity to spend two weeks with them while their mother is serving a jail sentence, the first thing they do on their “dad list” is go to a scout camp for the 25th Annual Pioneer Weekend.

The fictional camp isn’t named but according to shirts they wear for an ultimate frisbee game that ends up being played by “prison rules” the camp is located at Mount Riga State Park, which is a real state park in Connecticut.


The camp is supposed to be three days long, but Dan, his best friend Charlie (Travolta) and the kids only make it nine hours, Dan accidentally shooting the head off a large wood carving of the grandfather of the scoutmaster (played by Matt Dillon) and then later burning the rest of it to the ground when starting a fire. In their short time at camp, Charlie has to deal with a psychotic guy played by Justin Long who insists Charlie stole his girlfriend.

The movie featured a boat load of cameos but like Charlie and Dan as campers didn’t fare to0 well with critics or at the box office.





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