‘Salute Your Shorts’ Creator Would Embrace Remake

The executive producer and voice of Dr. Kahn in the early ’90s Nickelodeon summer camp show Salute Your Shorts said in a recent interview that he would embrace a remake of the show with a new cast.

Steve Slavkin, who also co-wrote the book that inspired the show, talked about the possibility of a remake in a Q&A with The Examiner.

We live in the age of remakes. If Nickelodeon ever decided to reboot ‘Salute Your Shorts’ for a new generation (and with a brand new cast), how would you feel about that?

I’d actually embrace it. I think it would be a good idea. Everybody has a show for their generation, it’d be fun to revisit camp.

It’s the perfect environment for a kids show. It’s kids in a kid environment, and they have to make their own rules and make their own way. And they don’t have an adult telling them what to do.

I’d like to see new kids do it.

Slavkin also talks about his favorite moments from the show, why a third season never happened and more.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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