Scott Snyder’s camp experience salvaged by Stephen King


Comic writer Scott Snyder has made a name for himself as the writer behind 2006 short story collection Voodoo Heart, and his work in comic books, including American Vampire, Detective Comics, Batman, Batman: Gates of Gotham and Swamp Thing. But long before he was a famous comic writer, Snyder had to endure time at a summer camp he hated. The one thing that salvaged his experience was a “cool counselor” who read Stephen King in the bunk.

Snyder talked about this in an interview with Susan Henderson from 2006 when she asked him how he managed to get Stephen King to write a blurb for Voodoo Heart:

When I was about nine years old, my folks sent me to this really competitive sports camp. The atmosphere was pretty Lord of the Flies. I was a fat kid at the time and generally inept at sports. As you can imagine, it wasn’t a good time. I remember writing letters home, begging my folks to rescue me they still have one with a tearstain that I circled on the page and marked: actual tear. Anyhow, there was this one cool counselor in our bunk, and on the first night of camp he started reading to us from Stephen King’s Eyes of the Dragon. Every night that summer he read a few more pages, and those readings constituted the only thing that I looked forward to each day. I couldn’t wait for taps, when I could forget about the basket I flubbed or the dodge-ball mark on my face and head to the bunk and escape to Delain. Prince Peter, King Roland. Flagg my favorite. I still remember them well. The experience of listening to that book really jump-started my love of story-telling. So getting the blurb basically made my whole year. I’m a huge, huge fan. Already pre-ordered Lisey’s Story.

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