Separated parents visit kids at summer camp in ‘The Story of Us’

Separated parents struggling to hide their contempt for each other visit their kids at summer camp in the 1999 movie The Story of Us.

Though they try to hide the tension between them, it’s immediately obvious when Ben (Bruce Willis) and Katie Jordan (Michelle Pfeiffer) show up at the fictional Camp Pinewood to visit Erin (Colleen Rennison) and Josh (Jake Sandvig) for Parents Weekend.


They glare at each other, get beat easily in tug of war and Ben shows no mercy in a game of ping pong. The scenes at the camp are short, but the kids being away at camp for the summer is the plot device that drives the Jordans to reexamine their marriage and undergo a trial separation.


While still at camp, Erin sneaks out of her bunk to visit her parents at their lodge and ends up sleeping with them in the bed, putting their hands together as they are still sleeping. It’s the closest they get during their visit to camp.

The camp scenes were filmed on location at JCA Shalom Camp in Malibu, California.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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