Time at camp ‘significant, formative’ for Seth Davis

Seth Davis, a sportswriter and college basketball TV analyst who gets a lot of attention during March Madness every year, is a proud alumnus of Camp Equinunk in Pennsylvania. So proud, in fact, he wrote a book about the camp called Equinunk, Tell Your Story.

Davis talked about his experience at summer camp and the impact it’s had on his life in a 2011 interview with Jeff Pearlman:

“My experience as a camper and counselor at Camp Equinunk was by far the most signifant, formative experience of my life. It made me who I am. Best of all, it gave me a huge community of friends who to this day are the closets and most important people in my life. Just last weekend, seven of us went away for the weekend and rented a nice log cabin right near our camp, so we could visit camp and just be together. It reminded me again how lucky I am to have such incredible friends. They’re my brothers, really.”

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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