Seth Meyers put gum in friend’s toothbrush at baseball camp

New Late Night host Seth Meyers once put gum in a friend’s toothbrush at baseball camp in retaliation for his friend dropping an equipment bag on him to wake him up.

This story comes via the friend, Greg Henrichon, talking about Meyers in a newspaper article from his home state of New Hampshire.

“One time at baseball camp, I dropped my equipment bag on him to wake him up (he had overslept three hours, missing all of the morning sessions),” Henrichon was quoted saying in the article. “That led to him putting gum in my toothbrush and throwing my hairbrush out the window. We didn’t speak for a month.”

Meyers, a former Saturday Night Live veteran known for hosting Weekend Update, took over hosting duties for the recently departed-to-The Tonight Show-host Jimmy Fallon, on Monday.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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